Prof. Dr. Walter Lang

Prof. Dr. Steffen Paul

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kreiter

Prof. Dr. Klaus Pawelzik


Main objective of the Creative Unit (CU) I-See is the development of a cortical visual prosthesis. For this purpose the researchers of the CU plan to investigate the neurobiological bases of feeding elementary visual information into the visual cortex as well as to design a completely wireless implant.

The envisioned implant will have a highly flexible surface electrode array with ca. 400 electrodes. The layout will be optimized for the functional anatomy of the visual cortex and a good contact between electrodes and brain tissue. The electronic circuits integrated in the flip-side of the mat will measure epicortical field potentials with high spatial and temporal resolution and will transmit them to an external base station. Furthermore, it will generate complex spatio-temporal patterns for electrical stimulation. Energy will be supplied via an inductive link and the data will be transmitted wirelessly by radio frequencies. An important goal is a long-term stable sealing.

The neurobiological investigations aim at a verification of functionality of the implant, the development of models which predict optimal electrical stimuli and the characterization of the visual percepts induced by electrical stimulation. The project is based on extensive and joint preparatory work of its members performed in various constellations.